Birth to two weeks

newborn kittensFor the first week of life, a kitten's main activities are eating and sleeping. He is deaf and blind but can crawl a little. The remnants of his umbilical cord will fall off at around 3 days of life. After it falls off, watch the area carefully, as it can easily become infected. Use a Q-tip to dab the area with some antiseptic solution.

Between the fifth and tenth day, his eyes will open and he will begin to see his new world. At this stage, his eyes are a deep blue color. Make sure they are clean and show no signs of inflammation or pus and keep him away from bright lights. He will begin to crawl around his box a little more. He may try to walk but will be wobbly. At the end of the first week, his shiver reflex has developed, allowing him to better regulate his body temperature.

newborn kittens