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A final word

kittenIt is our hope in presenting this to you, that you will find raising a newborn or orphaned kitten is both a joy and a triumph. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a kitten that once fit in the palm of your hand, now lying in the sun spot on your carpet, a smooth, sleek healthy cat.

Some argue that hand-raised babies are spoiled, but we know otherwise. Hand-raised babies are comfortable with humans, and if you have other cats, they are used to their own kind. They are great lap kitties and devoted felines, and despite entering the world at great odds, with your help, they have achieved happiness and health.

kittenWhether you decide to keep your kitten and add him to your household or find him a loving home, please make sure that he is neutered (or spayed in the case of a female kitten). Stop the cycle of reproduction so that someone else down the road, won't suddenly be presented with the same situation of finding an orphaned kitten and wondering what to do next.

Perhaps one day, the call to raise orphaned babies by hand will be silenced. But until people take responsibility for spaying and neutering their pets, the need continues, and many kittens are left stranded without help. That is the reason behind the creation of this website.

This is your online resource guide. We wish you all luck!

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