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Feral Cat Behavior is part of CATS, Inc. a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation. Donations are tax deductible, and all monies donated go to the care of feral cats, with a large portion going to the vet for medical bills.

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Dedicated to Tania Ella Waterhouse who in her devotion to kitten rescue, she forgot the most important thing - to rescue herself.
September 11, 1974 - July 14, 2010

Before you do anything else, please click on this link Keeping Your Kitten Warm. (Link opens a new window so you can come back to this page when you're finished reading it).

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kittensWelcome to a labor of love that was put together to help anyone who has suddenly found themselves with an orphaned or abandoned kitten.

This website was set-up to serve as an online resource center, supplying you with all the information, tools and support you need to bring this kitten up into a well-socialized and loving feline companion. So remember to breathe, and relax, for caring for such a small fragile creature is very rewarding and satisifyin secure lid.

  • Soft bedding, rags, towels etc. Have a lot on hand, you will need them.
  • Plastic bottle to store boiled and cooled water in
  • Bottle brush
  • Small flea comb
  • If the kitten isn't noticeably ill, (diarrhea, lethargy, not eating) please do not take him to the vet right away. If he seems okay, plan on taking him in in a few days after he has had time to gain strength. But of course if you even suspect he might be ill take him in immediately. Wrap him up in warm toweling and keep him close to you.

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